Hi everyone,

Although it's been a while since I've joined this group, I guess I couldn't properly introduce myself. I am Pramit. I am visually impaired and cannot read at all.

As my vision kept dropping, technology (mobile & PC) has had a huge impact as it has enabled me to still continue to work independently, be productive at work and be socially connected.

I am extremely passionate about building better tech solutions for all of us. With divine grace, I have managed to put together a tech startup with an equally motivated partner.

Amongst my interest, I am a voracious reader (hearer of audiobooks), I love meditating and I am also an experimental cook, results of one can lead to wow to only I will have to eat situation. I was lucky enough to reverse my diabetes through significant lifestyle changes about 10 years back. Sharing my learning and motivating others online is another passion/interest area. I do this strictly on a non-commercial basis. Link below:



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