Add-on Updater: version 19.02.1 emergency manual patch #addonrelease


Hi everyone,

For users of Add-on Updater: if you are using NVDA alpha build 16682 and later, there exists a bug in Add-on Updater that prevents you from installing future add-on updates. I have pushed an update to this add-on, but the thing is, you must apply the patch manually if you are indeed running alpha snapshots (those running 2018.4.1 are not affected).


If you happen to be running alpha build 16682 and later, go to, select Add-on Updater, and download stable version. If the version you get is 19.02.1, you’re good to go. For those using 2018.4.1 or an earlier alpha snapshot, I highly encourage you to update to Add-on Updater 19.02.1 via Add-on Updater itself.





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