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You don't need science to determine such questions.  its just simple consistency.  If selection is done differently everywhere else, the character you are on is the last character selected, it is bad design to have, in this one instance, the character to the right of your position selected. 


From: Felix G.
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2019 2:04 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] bug with nvda selection

The problem with the argument from good design is that there exists no
public definition of what would constitute good design where a screen
reader is concerned. Until we have some science, in terms of studies,
to back up what good screen reader user experience actually means,
it's all a matter of preference. The recent survey may provide some
valid data points but by its nature it primarily selects
English-speaking members of a certain small set of email lists. I
still think the survey was a good idea. I'm merely objectively
pointing out its restrictions.
Also, I don't think that not giving enough credit to blind people is a
relevant factor. Such appeals to guilt only cloud the view and make
people feel bad.
My two cents,

Am Fr., 1. Feb. 2019 um 03:42 Uhr schrieb Gene <gsasner@...>:
> That goes against good design and against the philosophy behind the design of NVDA.  Selecting text should follow the same principle as when you select by character with the application cursor in Windows.  On what basis was it decided that NVDA should have its own selection rules that are completely nonstandard?  Why not give blind people enough credit to believe that they can select correctly using screen review commands?
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> Because you may not be able to move past the last character with the review cursor, as you usually can in say Word, NVDA selects the character beyond the last one selected to ensure you get everything.  Because of that, it works slightly differently to regular copy, but that's the reasoning.  But yes, you do need to press NVDA+F9, then select all (but the last character) of the text you want to copy first.  Then press NVDA+F10 twice quickly to select and copy.
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> On Fri, Feb 1, 2019 at 4:21 AM Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
>> This isn't a bug.  You must move to the last letter of the last word before copying to the clipboard.  If you are moving by word, you are moving to the beginning of the word and must move by character to the last character.
>> Gene
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>> Subject: [nvda] bug with nvda selection
>> hi,
>> When I use NVDA+f9 to select, and move to a word, and press nvda f10 to
>> copy, NVDA only copies the first letter of the last word selected. Does
>> anyone else experience this or know of a solution?
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