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It may be that at times, they haven't been interested but at other times, they have done good work, when presented with problems.  They made the desktop application considerably more accessible once some users complained about a newer version of the program being less accessible than an older one. 
A bug is not a design decision or oversight.  A bug is unanticipated problems.  If a program is designed without accessibility, it is a moral and ethical and legal problem as well as a human problem.  It isn't a bug.  If language is used improperly, it will muddy thinking and confuse issues.  It may make it harder to concentrate on what is important.

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unfortunately they have never been interested in accessibility. I once
had problems with the website and contacted their support staff, who
flatly proclaimed that accessibility was an unsupported feature. They
seemed incapable of grasping that accessibility is not, strictly
speaking, a feature but rather lack of it constitutes a bug, just as
lack of security or reliability does. Just imagine asking your bank
about the security of their home banking, and their response being
that this feature is currently not supported.

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> I opened up my computer yesterday t9o be greeted by  Pane.
>  I eventually managed to  fiddle and find the desktop. On asking around the
> sighted world this morning I discovered that Dropbox latest version puts up
> a picture on every boot up  showing a dog doing work, promoting the business
> Dropbox subscription. Its a cartoon apparently. However whatever ist is
> nvda/f1 says its a button not focussed and has an exception number.
>  Has anyone else not seen this?
>  I personally feel that if they want to advertise, then fine but at least
> make it obvious its them to a screenreader user.
>  Blimey.
>  Brian
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