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Right if its a dell, and has a removable cd or floppy drive. Take it out then try a reboot. Some of these machines will not boot if a fault in a drive is detected, even if its not actually being used for booting.
I've had this several times so its not a unique experience. So yes hardware most of the time.
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I suspect the problem is hardware-related unless something very unusual happened such as a power failure during a defrag or some other maintenance that moves information around such as check disk. You may find something you can use as you wish but before putting much time and effort into working with the machine, I think a sighted person should say what the screen states. For all we know, this could be a motherboard problem and the machine may not even get to the point where BIOS is being loaded. Or it may be a hard drive problem.

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Subject: [nvda] rescue disc for the blind?

A friend has an old DELL XP that, as he puts it, finally crashed. When I pressed for more detail, all he could tell me was that windows wasn't loading and JAWS wasn't coming on. After 20 minutes trying, and failing, to extract some more useful information, I finally resolved to trying to locate a recovery disc image, an image that had a lot of tools to possibly repair the system or transfer files from the hard drive to an external place. I could not find any for the blind. Could someone direct me to similar recovery disc images that have speech output or similar? Thanks in advance. He does not have his initial XP recovery disc.

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