Re: Finding the comment's section on a YouTube video


Man it worked like a charm! I'm, to say the least, surprised that I never have thought about trying this.
Many many thanks for the tip!
Btw, I'm using Firefox, so if there's someone with the same problem and using the same browser, just try this because it really works.

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Em 02/02/2019 19:25, Marcio escreveu:

Thanks, I'll try it :)

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Em 02/02/2019 18:55, Tony Malykh escreveu:

It seems like the comments section is hidden by default, and it is only loaded when you scroll the page to a certain place.

Try this way:

1. Search for "show more" button using NVDA+Control+F.

2. Wait there for a second or two - the comments section is loading.

3. Press down arrow.You will be on Comments heading. Works reliably for me in Chrome.


On 2/1/2019 4:07 PM, marcio via Groups.Io wrote:
Hello folks,
Does anyone know how one can find, perhaps more easily than I've been doing, the comments' section on a YouTube video?
It seems like a bit of a random thing when and where it will appear the way I've doing to reach out it. Using NVDA, I've had to press N much more times than I actually would like to do just to reach the video's description and sometimes it'll be just after the description, sometimes it won't because it simply doesn't appear on any place at all.
So does anyone have any suggestion about it?

P.S.: If it's an offtopic, let me apologize. Just thought, since it has something to do with NVDA, well...

Thanks in advance :)


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