Re: NVDA Phantom Windows At Start Up

Annette Moore

Ron, this happens to me as well. It's usually always Team viewer, but I've seen other phantom windows come up as well. I never mentioned it though because I am able to get out of it by hitting Windows+d or Windows+m for the desktop. Come to think of it, though, I don't remember this happening when I used system Access, but it could have. not saying it didn't, I just don't remember. I'm glad the windows do go away, though.


On 2/2/2019 7:19 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

One of the things that really used to bother me when I used JAWS from the nineties through 2011 was that at start up, there were phantom windows being displayed at start up from almost everything that ran in the system tray.  Such programs as Avast anti virus, Drop Box, action center or in the old days network neighborhood and even JAWS itself were involved.  As thing were loading, you would be presented with windows identified as being part of the aforementioned programs but when you tried navigating to them, the windows were blank and contained nothing.

When I first started using NVDA, this never happened.  Sometime in the 2018 cycle (I can't quite remember when) this began happening more and more with NVDA.  Now when I boot the system, Drop Box, Action Center, one drive, volume panel (from Realtech sound manager) and one or two others show up with a blank window. Moving the cursor or mouse or moving to the desktop and back clears up the issue but this is somewhat annoying--just as it used to be with JAWS.

I am wondering if this is causing some of the confusion with some people reporting blank windows for such programs as Drop Box that are being reported on this list.  It would be nice if this issue could be addressed in future releases.

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