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Yes it will.
I'm not sure about the Python 3 versions, but unless some show stopper comes up, there should not be too much problem. Official 7 support from Microsoft ends next year, but I can and do still use windows 7 and I even have an old version of Office XP here with all updates till end of life and NVDA still worksheet that and of course with this email client called Outlook Express. After all the code for an app module like this one is minimal and so there seems no reason to stop it working since there are so many people using it with the third party patch. Not so good on 10, but I guess everything has its day. If Microsoft would stop messing with Outlook and let the access companies fix the issues, I'd switch over but the free offering in 10 is lame by feature standards and Tbird is not as easy to use for people with several accounts.
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Is 2019.1 still going to be compatible with Windows 7? Because I'm still using Win 7 on my current computer.

It's really wonderful to hear some more hopeful/positive words on this topic. I've been hearing that NVDA is lagging on the systems of the people in this Skype group and they were crying doom and saying Jaws was performing better than NVDA.

On 3/02/2019 1:21 pm, Mobeen Iqbal wrote:

Well Said. NVDA certainly doesn't seem to be dying. That's the beauty of a community led and open source project. You should see some of the complaints I've seen on groups recently about jaws 2019. that's a commercial product and people are downgrading to jaws 2018 because that worked better for them, despite all the supposed improvements. Many people I know are switching from jaws to NVDA because it works much better for them, both in a business and home environment. No screen reader is perfect. But accessibility has come a really long way and long may NVDA continue to thrive.


On 03/02/2019 02:10, Supanut Leepaisomboon wrote:
I totally disagree. NVDA has been great, and will continue to be great. I believe 2019.1 is due soon and I believe it fixes the problem I'm having with Excel.
You don't really need a professional developer for NVDA to be great, you just need community effort.
I know I haven't use NVDA much on my desktop, but that's just because I'm too lazy to upgrade to Windows 10. Right now I decided to just waited out until I can get a new desktop that already comes Windows 10.

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