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First Of all the other comands that the Insert key on the numpad that NVDA uses work just fine. it is just the NVDA Control F which the nvda key is the one on the numpad that  i am refering to.

as to the saving i have that check box checked in preferences general.

But like i said for some reason that i don't know it will sometimes to into read only mode.

What i find interesting is that on the laptop I have the NVDA control F works fine using the numpad on the laptop which has a full sized keyboard.

On 6/14/2016 10:01 PM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Hi there,

So you're saying if you use extended insert in the NVDA+control+f command it works but not numpad insert+control+f?

Does numpad insert work for other NVDA commands?

If not, the two likely options are that you have numlock turned on, or that you perhaps in NVDA's keyboard settings have unchecked to use "numpad insert as an NVDA modifier key".  You can get to those settings by pressing NVDA+control+k or NVDA+n then choose preferences then keyboard settings (using whichever NVDA modifier key is working).

In terms of not saving settings, NVDA has a checkbox "Save settings on exit" in its general settings (NVDA+control+g or NVDA+n then preferences then general).  As long as that is set, the current settings should be saved when you exit NVDA.  If you don't exit NVDA but rather shut the computer down, they should still be saved as long as you do shut the computer down and don't just hold the power button down or pull the power cord out etc.

If you don't have that setting enabled, you can manually save settings from the NVDA menu.

The other thing that can cause settings to change is if you save configuration profiles for different programs (NVDA+n then choose "Configuration profiles").  There's more on configuration profiles in the NVDA user guide at:  or more in depth instructions and activities in the NVDA training material at:

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On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 4:24 AM, Life My Way via <lifemyway@...> wrote:
Ok, i have some questions and hopefully something can be done.
My first question is about the find comand nvda control f the regular nvda control f for me does not work weather i use a whireless or USB computer keyboard.
the extended nvda control f works but I am used to the regular way of doing things; Yes i set up a different hot key  combo but would perfer to be able to use the regular nvda control f.
on a lap top i also have that key combo works fine.
and no i do not have the laptop layout on in nvda on my desktop.
Now as to the other question every so offten nvda goes into a read only mode.
That you can not save any settings why is this? and how can you fix it.
The only way i can fix it is by taking the half read only away from the folder.
but when i do i can not still save settings when shutting nvda down it will not come back when doing  alt control n.
So please help!!!!!!

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