Re: Webpages and changing order of hearing control types like "link," etc.


i heard somewhere that key for activating reader view is changed to f9.
but i wish to know which key i should i use in firefox 52?
i really dont want and cant use newer versions of firefox.
how can i use this great feature in firefox 52?
also, should i check Automatic Say All on page load in brows mode?
thanks for your help, God bless you!

On 1/27/19, Desert Moon via Groups.Io
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Hello Jeff,

his feature in Firefox may interest you:

Reader View is a Firefox feature that strips away clutter like buttons, ads
and background images, and changes the page's text size, contrast and layout
for better readability. Reader View settings are easily customizable to fit
your reading preferences.

Press F9. If supported, the webpage will change to Reader View and NVDA will
start Say All. Press F9 again and the default layout of the webpage will
come back. Then, you can expolre other features and elements on that page.


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