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Reading this thread about the rumours of NVDA dying, I couldn’t help thinking: would I be right in guessing that the people who mentioned this don’t use NVDA themselves? Over the years I’ve come across several users of other screenreaders who look down on NVDA for different reasons, so maybe the talk of the death of NVDA was wishful thinking on their part, hoping we’d all flock to use whatever screenreaders they have. Very cynical, I know, but I couldn’t get that thought out of my mind, that’s why I expressed it here; And no, I have no intention of being nasty to users of other screenreaders, I have simply noticed that some users of any screenreader or system, sometimes just a tiny minority, are quick to look down on anyone who doesn’t use the same thing.

However, I’m convinced that there’s plenty of life in NVDA as we discuss this: look how hard the developers are working to not only keep this screenreader alive, but also to improve it! We’re all grateful to them, I know, and I wish to add: keep up the good work! And I’m not just saying that to keep the rumour-mongers quiet, we want this excellent screenreader to keep existing for a long time to come. It may have its imperfections, every screenreader does, but it would only be worth killing off if it’s no good, and it’s exactly the opposite, an excellent way to access the Windows operating system for many blind people. Long live NVDA!

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As far as I could tell, all of the people concerned were on Windows 10, not XP.


I know I'll have to shift away from 7 eventually, but hopefully not any time this year. I will when I must, but as long as the next release of NVDA will work on my Win 7 system, I'll be content.

On 3/02/2019 4:33 pm, Ron Canazzi wrote:

Those rumors were probably from who have a Windows 10 phobia.  Now there are performance issues with people trying to run the latest version of NVDA on Windows XP or earlier.  That is flatly stated on this and other NVDA lists and websites.


Folks, you have to move on past XP and eventually even Windows 7.  I am very conservative when it comes to changing a system that works well.  I had an XP system at least one of the 3 systems I own until early 2018, but I now have 2 Windows 10 systems playing perfectly with NVDA and I feel a bit better than with JAWS latest release.  I still don't like JAWS identifying the Windows Explorer windows as multi select list boxes and reading every item in the displayed columns. Even with the updated scripts for Thunderbird, JAWS still seems sluggish and clunky when compared to NVDA in that program.   


So there you have it--just my 2 cents.


On 2/2/2019 10:36 PM, Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:

It wasn't on an NVDA skype group, just a  misc one for someone's live streams where all sorts of topics come up. There were some complaints about performance issues a couple days ago, and that was where the sentiments I related were mentioned. It upset me quite a bit to hear such things...

On 3/02/2019 1:42 pm, Lino Morales wrote:

I don’t know where the hell you heard that on the Skype group. Are you on the Skype English group? I’ve not seen any such messages about NVDA going down hill since James left. Mike, Quenton, and Rafe Turner are doing a fine job down under along with the devs who are part of the NVDA add-ons community.


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Subject: [nvda] Is NVDA really dying? Can I do anything to help?



I haven't updated NVDA since 2018.1 due to issues that seemed to crop up
around every release. Now I'm hearing from others in a Skype group I'm a
member of that NVDA has been going downhill since Jamie left the project
and it's going to die outright soon because it can't keep up with

NVDA has been my screen-reader of choice since I discovered it in late
2011 and I don't want it to be forever lost. I can't donate right now,
and I'm not a programmer, but is there anything I can do to help? This
project has been a faithful friend to me and I want to fight for it in
any way I possibly can.

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