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I've noticed when I open pdf's on my school's webpage NVDA says clickable. Sometimes that's all it says if the pdf isn't accessible. If it is, NVDA says clickable in addition to being able to read the pdf.

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Hmm, I think also they are deemed to be clickable when nvda detects some underlying code on the page that is obviously supposed to do something but the writer either never bothered to indicate what or did not care. I have found that some of these actually open invisible ie invisible to nvda, areas on or over a page with data in them. Its abit like on mouse up down left right hover things that seldom seem to work for us.

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These are elements which perform an action when you press enter on it. But
they perform only an action if the developer of the website intended it to
do so. Sometimes there are clickable elements which don’t do anything if you
press enter on them.



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What exactly is this and how do I access it ?

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