Donating was Re: [nvda] Is NVDA really dying? Can I do anything to help?

erik burggraaf <erik@...>

It's up to each person how and what they donate, but here is what really helped me.

I set things up so that a very small amount comes out every month and goes to envy access. It's an amount that I don't miss. in fact, I would have to go over my financial records to actually determine how much I've donated to nvda over the years. Whatever the amount is, I'm sure nvda is worth far more to me than what I have actually paid. it also seems to me that the amount would be far more than I could contribute in one two or even three lump sums. If you set it up for a dollar a week, or a few dollars a month, the cumulative effect over time is amazing. If hundreds or thousands or even tens of thousands of people set up these small amounts, just think of the possibilities.

another thing to consider is sustainability. When applying for certain grants, and declaring Financial, some organizations are checking to see how viable you have been overtime. NV access probably gets lots of donations, but it would be difficult for a funding provider to determine the likelihood of future donations. By tracking these subscription donations, a funding provider can get an idea of what might be donated in the future. Many grants and funding providers feel better about giving to a sustainable project. Thus, setting up a small subscription amount has other benefits outside of the income generated for envy access.



On February 3, 2019 2:02:23 AM "tapper via Groups.Io" <> wrote:

NVDA is not going anywhere! If you care so much about it, If you are
able you should donate. Even if it's just $10 Projects don't come for
free. I am not having a dig at any one I have bin running NVDA for about
4 years now and only donated twice, but I do it when I can. In fact I am
going to do it rite now. NVDA $20 comming your way!

Thanks Tapper

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