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molly the blind tech lover

I'm sick of fake news.

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Also spreading the word for those who colaborate on blindness podcasts online is a way to keep going strong, and hopefully in the long-run, little by little change the perception of those none-believers or sketpics, if we can call them that.

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One thing you (and we all, more or less, I think) can do is donate to the project, so it can keep on growing.

Another thing you can probably do is tall your Skype group members to stop spreading fake news, although that's a very fationable sport these days.

I'm afraid the death of NVDA might be wishful thinking on the part of some blind people who have never believed in it, because by default they don't believe in free, open source software.

This sounds a lot like something an Italian guy said in an interview to a journalist and blogger years ago about Orca no longer being developed...

As far as I know, Orca is still going strong, in spite of that remark.



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