Re: Is there an explanation for this strange NVDA behaviour?

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Sounds to me like the processor or some part of the system is slow on batteries. I have noticed that they do tend to throttle processors to conserve battery life. If you recall even Apple did this on their hardware, but did not tell anyone.
How old is the laptop and what sort of spec?

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Subject: [nvda] Is there an explanation for this strange NVDA behaviour?

Hello especially to NVDA developers

I have encountered the very strange behaviour I will describe below and wonder if there is an explanation or fix for it. This is what happens:

I have noticed this only in Edge. When my laptop runs on its battery and I do a read to end in Edge, NVDA will read for a few minutes, maybe two or three minutes, then stops reading. When I move my arrow keys, I notice that the cursor position is far behind the point where NVDA stopped reading. When my laptop runs off the mains, this does not happen at all. NVDA reads continuously for however long I want it to read and the cursor keeps up with the reading position. I hope this makes sense, because it is quite bizarre to me.

Kind regards


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