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Yes, learning Braille is definitely an asset for a blind person and even for those who still have some vision. Listening to information is fine, however, there are times when you need to have your fingers on the info for spelling and for close analysis of what you are reading. You are still young and, with practice, you can become a proficient reader. I read books in Braille and I can read with both hands about 350 words per minute. I started learning Braille as a teen in France.
Best of luck. Any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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sociohack, learning Braille is extremely helpful for what you want.
You may not get good enough to read books, but that isn't what you want anyway. You just want to get good enough to read notes, etc, & that is very very doable, even when you're older--& believe me, 22 just is not that old. I can assure you I use it for just that purpose, as well as to sing in choir when I did that. I've seen people who were older & even older diabetics learn it enough for those kinds of uses.
Learn it. Start now. You'll be ecstatic you did. Don't let the naysayers have their day.

On 2/5/19, Sociohack AC <acsociopath@...> wrote:
Hi guys!
I always had enough vision that I never felt the need of learning Braille.
I'm 22 and wish to learn it now. I need to make frequent presentations
in my class, and for now, I try and memorize all the stuff I need to
present. It's a difficult and time consuming task, I'm thinking maybe
learning Braille could help me in this regard. I see myself in
professions which might need frequent public speaking.

What do you guys suggest? Is learning Braille a good idea at this
point? How long will it take and how efficient can I get? I have read
on this forum that it is very difficult and you can't get very good at
it, if you start leaning it at an advanced age.

All feedback is welcome.


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