OK died in the wool JAWS user using NVDA

Steve Nutt

Hi all,


With all this talk about 64-bit NVDA would be a lot better, I have to say that NVDA, using CodeFactory’s Eloquence add-on, is more responsive for me now than JAWS.


Also, another piece of good news, my Windows settings in Control Panel in Windows 10 is now accessible with NVDA, whereas for ages, it wouldn’t speak any of that window.  I realise it was limited to a few configurations, but it sure was annoying at the time.  I also realise that these problems are borne of problems with UIA, rather than problems with NVDA.


In short, although I have, and will continue to, use JAWS for a while yet, I think that NVDA is coming on in leaps and bounds.


But there are one or two very silly things about NVDA.  For example, it won’t read how many messages are unread in a folder, when you Control+Y in Outlook.  This is seriously annoying to me and one reason I couldn’t use it full time.  It is visually there, and JAWS reads it, so in my view, by now, NVDA should read it too.


Also, flat review and object nav is not as intuitive as the JAWS cursor.  You can’t just do a screen find, and click on it.  We really need an equivalent to Hotspot Clicker in NVDA as well.


I keep coming back to this, because I want NVDA to be the go-to screen reader for everyone, but I think JAWS still has a little more polish than NVDA.


Just one guy’s opinion, don’t shoot me.


All the best




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