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My guess is that you had sticky keys, for some reason.  This appears to be rare now, it used to be rather common with JAWS, but as far as I know, it either didn't happen or was very rare with NVDA.  Sticky keys means that, for some reason, keys are active whether you are holding them or not.  In your case, control and alt appear to have been active.  Since those are the keys for reading in tables when browse mode is on, you probably heard the announcement because those keys were both on.  Unloading and running NVDA caused the keys to be unlocked.  Also, if you had tried pressing control perhaps twenty times fast and then alt twenty times fast, while letting NVDA run, that might have solved the problem, too.

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Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2019 11:01 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] A weird one!

I was getting the table message in Thunderbird. However, the nvda keys were not working at all and that was global. I was able to hear the names of the running applications list so I could find and stop nvda. There was no way to stop nvda except using P-View as I couldn't bring up the shutdown dialogue or the nvda menu at all.


On 2/5/2019 10:28 AM, Gene wrote:
Are you saying this happened everywhere or just in certain places?  that may be important in guessing what occurred.
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Subject: [nvda] A weird one!

When I started my computer this morning I went to read my email and
every key I pressed nvda kept saying "not in a table cell". I have no
idea what that was about. I tried nvda key plus q to quit or restart
nvda and it kept saying the same silly thing about table cells.
Fortunately I have the Spydec P-View utility and I was able to find
nvda.exe in the list of running apps and I was able to kill it from
there. After I restarted nvda, everything was normal again! This is the
first time I've ever had this happen in several years of using nvda. It
was probably a one in a million glitch of some kind, but I'll watch and
see if it ever happens again but I doubt it will. Any ideas on what
might have happened? Just curious as I don't think this is a bug.


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