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I should have been more clear sorry!
It keeps saying what the file is and sheet and please hit enter for child ... just seems to talk too much!
I don't mind it talking while i type but it's giving me too much info about what file am in and press this and that and ugg by the time it's done I forget which info I want to put in the cell!
I wish I could add more but my brain goes into meltdown mode when it starts talking so much haha
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          If by "shut off the chatter" you mean to stop NVDA from speaking while you type, etc., you can use NVDA Key+S to toggle speech mode.  I also use the No Beeps Speech Mode NVDA add-on so that I either have speech or silence, as there is a third feedback using beeps which I have no use for.  The NVDA Key+S is a true on/off toggle for speech if you use that add-on, otherwise it is a cycling switch between, off, beep mode, and speech mode.

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