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If you have a rehab center for newly blind adults near you, that is the best place to learn Braille as you will have direct instruction with someone who will show you the scanning techniques and ways to develop the ability to read with both hands.  Otherwise, the Hadley school is the next choice.  Learning the basics is very simple and takes no time.  It is the practice reading that is the most important.  You start with single letters, then single words, then short sentences.   Avoid the tendency to rub the dots to identify them.  It is better to rock the finger’s tips over the dots.  Sometimes using thermoform (plastic paper) on which the Braille lessons are produced on, makes the identification at first easier.  I used it to teach blind persons with diabetes with great success.

Best of luck.



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It's never too late to learn braille. When I was a medical transcriber years ago, I had a medical dictionary in braille. That way when I came across unfamiliar words, I could look them up before typing out reports. Hadley School for the Blind does have some very good courses that will help you learn braille.






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Subject: [nvda] Need help learning Braille


Hi guys!
I always had enough vision that I never felt the need of learning Braille. I'm 22 and wish to learn it now. I need to make frequent presentations in my class, and for now, I try and memorize all the stuff I need to present. It's a difficult and time consuming task, I'm thinking maybe learning Braille could help me in this regard. I see myself in professions which might need frequent public speaking.

What do you guys suggest? Is learning Braille a good idea at this point? How long will it take and how efficient can I get? I have read on this forum that it is very difficult and you can't get very good at it, if you start leaning it at an advanced age.

All feedback is welcome.


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