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Hi Stephen,

NVDA+3 (the number 3 above the letters) is the keystroke to toggle NVDA echoing typed words rather than f3.

And also for anyone wondering, NVDA+2 toggles whether typed characters are echoed, and NVDA+4 toggles command keys (arrows, spacebar, enter, escape, page down etc).

NVDA is set to save the configuration on exit automatically, but just in case you've turned that off, as Marcio said, NVDA+control+c or choose "Save configuration" from the NVDA menu.

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On Wed, Feb 6, 2019 at 10:56 AM Stephen Thacker <stephenthacker3@...> wrote:

Hi list, Please can you help? I’m using a Windows 10 Professional machine with 64 bit and it’s a quodcore running NVDA the latest version as far as I know and Windows 10 Professional.


shortly after I bought my latest machine I pressed the nvda key with f3 to change to words so the word is spoken when you press the spacebar. Unfortunately it has somehow gone back to characters ie spoken after each character press which is annoying and I don’t seem to be able to fix this. So is there a better way to permanently have NVDA speak only words ie a word after I’ve pressed the spacebar and save this setting as somehow I’ve unsaved it – does it change after an update of NVDA or a general update of anything on my pc?


Thanks for any help, Steve


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