Announcing the launch of a six-week course on app module creation via Skype and TeamTalk


Hi everyone,


Have you encountered an app that you believe an app module could make it more usable? Have you wanted to find out how you can apply your skills in Python in a real-life project? Want to get into contributing code to NVDA screen reader project but need some preparation time? Or are you a user who’d like to sit back as an NVDA contributor walks you through behind the scenes tour of some apps?


If that’s you, there’s an event for it: starting from June 25, 2016, come and join a six-week course on learning how to write your first NVDA app module. This course, taught by an NVDA contributor, will teach you the basics of writing app modules, including scripts, events, overlay classes and more. This course will be taught via Skype and TeamTalk:


·         For Skype users: join NVDA support group.

·         TeamTalk: Come to NVDACon Korea TeamTalk Server (


Course outline:

·         Introduction to app modules

·         What app modules are not

·         Communicating with app developers regarding app accessibility issues

·         Your first script

·         Speech, braille and tones

·         Handling events

·         Overlay classes

·         COM, Windows API and advanced topics

·         Live demos of app modules and looking at actual app module source code (from both NVDA Core and add-ons)


You’ll need:

·         Python 2.7.

·         Basic to intermediate Python skills (programmers only).

·         An app you’ll be writing an app module for.

·         Text editor for writing Python code.


Additional information:

·         Cost: absolutely free.

·         Recorded sessions: yes.

·         There will be an introductory meeting on June 18th at 12 PM Pacific (3 PM Eastern) via both Skype and TeamTalk (at the same time).

·         Basic knowledge of Python is recommended, with an experience with writing global plugins being a bonus.

·         Taught by an actual NVDA contributor with full access to NVDA screen reader source code.


For more information, please contact me directly via email (joseph.lee22590@...) or via Twitter (@joslee). Hope to meet many of you through this course.



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