Re: Microsoft Word and hearing document location information

Quentin Christensen

Hi Jeff,

If you press NVDA+numpad delete, or if using laptop layout, NVDA+delete, NVDA will report the distance from the left and top edges of the page in whatever measurement unit you have Word set to report in (note this also includes the page margin).

Reading the status bar (NVDA+end for desktop layout or NVDA+shift+end for laptop layout) should tell you the section and page.  You can also set the status bar to tell you the line and column information.  To do that, press F6 to move the focus to the status bar, then press the applications key to open the context menu.  Arrow through the options and press space to check or uncheck any items you want (line and column are both in there).



On Wed, Feb 6, 2019 at 5:51 PM Jeff Samco <jsamco@...> wrote:
When using Word how can I learn where the cursor is in the document?
That would be the distance from top of page, distance from left
margin, and page number.

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