Re: Python

John Isige

Run python, not idle. Use whatever text editor you like for programming,
the only thing you really need to know that's different is indentation
level. As far as I know idle isn't accessible. Be nice if it was just to
get a development environment, but really, I don't think you really need
it. Plus it would be one more thing to learn on top of everything else.

On 2/6/2019 0:56, Larry Honaker wrote:

Greetings All,

I am beginning the process of learning NVDA and as a former programmer
am interested in trying my hand at a little Python programming.

I downloaded Python 3.7 and executed the Idle app.

The Python shell came up, but I do not see any prompts with NVDA or
Jaws.  What am I missing and how do I proceed?  Any guidance is welcome.

Thanks!  Lh

Larry W. Honaker


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