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In the NVDA help menu, there is a commands quick reference guide. To get to
the NVDA help menu press NVDA plus N to activate the NVDA menu. Press the
letter H to activate the help menu. I think the quick reference guide is
the second option. The user guide is the first option you will see.

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At 02:54 AM 2/6/2019, Gene wrote:
>You aren't using the correct object navigation and screen review
commands. You use insert numpad and certain keys on the numpad to >move
from object to object and you use certain numpad keys by >themselves to
read information in the object where you are located.

That's actually quite helpful. I've already applied these principles and
have actually gotten some objects.

>>There is at least one tutorial which I see no one has given >information
for yet and you can get information about the commands by >looking in the
NVDA manual or the quick reference keys document. Do >you know how to get
to these documents?
>If no one sends information about the tutorial, I'll see if I can find it.

I do not own these documents, unless they come with the NVDA installation.
But I would definitely appreciate them.

Orlando Enrique Fiol

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