Re: video editting

Chantelle Buys

Here we go.

Your computer might say that it's not downloading or something but, if
you are using Google Chrome, you can just check on the download page
on its progress.

When installing, just uncheck all the other things like messenger and
everything else and leave movie maker checked.

Hope it helps?


On 2/6/19, Chantelle Buys <> wrote:

My channel is at

Tell you what. I'll get that link where I've gotten my movie maker and
send it to you here. Will that help?


On 2/6/19, Manoj Govindraj <> wrote:
You can actually download Windows movie maker for free from the Internet.
You can do a Google search and you will get the correct link from where
could download.

On Feb 6, 2019, at 10:10 AM, Chantelle Buys <> wrote:

Hi Andrew.

Well, I'm a YouTuber and since Microsoft took Movie Maker out, I've
been left hanging.

I to am looking for someone to create an addon or something to use
with Plotagon which is a fun program to play with. A program that
brings your thoughts to life.

Do you have a Movie Maker file?


On 2/6/19, AKH AKH <> wrote:
Hi Chantelle

We will have to ask the NVDA developers. I'm even prepared to pay to
get a video editor made!


On 06/02/2019 14:55, Chantelle Buys wrote:

I've found an old Movie Maker file and so, I'm using Movie Maker

Only problem now is that I also have to convert some of my video files
with Handbrake which sometimes also doesn't help much.

I to am wondering if there's any video editor that would work with

Microsoft aren't really helping either.


On 2/6/19, AKH AKH <> wrote:
Is it even possible to edit a video with NVDA? Has anyone tried any
applications? AVS Video Editor does not work.


Never give up, at any cost.

Never give up, at any cost.
Never give up, at any cost.

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