Re: dealing with combo box expansion

Travis Siegel

Heh, Amazon does the same thing when selecting the category you want to search.  Only, there, it goes to the next field, so you need to shift tab, press down arrow, and repeat as necessary until it gets to the proper category for what you want to search for, it's quite irritating.  I generally don't bother to select a category because of that.  It makes for more crap to sort through when the results come up, but it saves me aggravation, so I consider it a fair trade.

On 2/6/2019 2:49 PM, Don H wrote:
Just made a donation to NVDA on their donation web page.  After entering the amount I wanted to donate and picking using a credit card instead of Paypal  I got to a combo box for selecting the country you are in.  I hit the alt space bar to expand the box but when I arrowed down one time it closed and did not give me the chance to get to the United States. Had to have sighted help using a physical mouse to get the combo box to the correct country.  How should I have accessed this combo box?

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