Re: Is NVDA Really Dying?

molly the blind tech lover

I understand.

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Its not news at all, the start of this thread was some clueless people talking balls on another forum completely.

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I think the rumor about NVDA dying is probably fake news.
Don't worry ...

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Hello Group,

I certainly hope the answer is a resounding no!
I did install NVDA 2018.1 on my windows 7 computer a few days ago and it
remains a loyal software program for my purposes, and was happy to finally
donate a small gift of appreciation!

I know the group, Webaim has been supportive over the years, and when
receiving services from my state blind commission in 2016, suggested they
look into providing computers with NVDA for those they serve using such. Up
to then, they were providing Jaws for their clients using computers. Even at
a fraction of the cost, organizations would be well-advised to consider NVDA
instead of Jaws from a financial POV.
Everyone would win!
Whether or not this suggestion has been acted on is unknown to me. Thank

David Russell

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