Re: dealing with combo box expansion

Lou Kolb <loukolb@...>

Thanks, Ian. I hadn't noticed that but it's sure good to know. every
little bit of info helps. Lou

On 2/6/19, Ian Westerland <> wrote:
Hi Lou. I have also found that, for some reason, once the first letter
of a country has been pressed, when arrowing, the rest of the boxes
speak as expected. I have no explanation for this, but in many cases,
that is what happens.


Ian Westerland

On 2/7/2019 8:23 AM, Lou Kolb wrote:
I haven't tried it, but might first-letter navigation work here once
you open the box? Try pressing U for United States. Often, that gets
me there. Of course, it depends on how many countries whose names
begin with U are listed. Good luck. Lou

On 2/6/19, Ron Canazzi <> wrote:
The standard way of opening combo boxes is alt + down arrow.  On some
combo boxes if you hear your screen reader go into edit mode, you can
just use the up or down arrows, but if doesn't work use alt + down arrow
to open and alt + up arrow to close.

On 2/6/2019 2:49 PM, Don H wrote:
Just made a donation to NVDA on their donation web page.  After
entering the amount I wanted to donate and picking using a credit card
instead of Paypal  I got to a combo box for selecting the country you
are in.  I hit the alt space bar to expand the box but when I arrowed
down one time it closed and did not give me the chance to get to the
United States. Had to have sighted help using a physical mouse to get
the combo box to the correct country.  How should I have accessed this
combo box?

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