Re: Windows key plus M suddenly stopped working

Michael Munn

hi there, follow up this thread. Sometime I experience this issue also. I  would restart the Screen reader and turning it back on. or do a full restart of your machine.
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Michael Munn 
Michael Munn
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On Wed, Feb 6, 2019 at 6:03 PM Manoj Govindraj <manmusical9@...> wrote:
For some reason from last few hours, the nvda command windows key plus
M to go to the desktop has stopped working for me. When I quit nvda
and restart it again, I am able to go to the desktop. But as soon as I
click on start button, I am not able to access the desktop. I am sure
I have accidently disabled some command which is why I am facing this
issue. I use a laptop with windows 10. Would wait for your




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