Re: Windows key plus M suddenly stopped working

Sarah k Alawami

  1. Windows m is not and nvda key. It is a windows key which means it can be used with out a screen reader, same with alt tab, windows d, windows tab, etc.
  2. Have you tried rebooting the computer or seeing if you have maybe some sort of sticky keys enabled somewhare

On 6 Feb 2019, at 15:03, Manoj Govindraj wrote:

For some reason from last few hours, the nvda command windows key plus
M to go to the desktop has stopped working for me. When I quit nvda
and restart it again, I am able to go to the desktop. But as soon as I
click on start button, I am not able to access the desktop. I am sure
I have accidently disabled some command which is why I am facing this
issue. I use a laptop with windows 10. Would wait for your




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