Problems With NVDA

Ibrahim Ajayi

I am having problems with my NVDA screen reader.
The screen reader is just too slow when I am browsing the internet.
When I am doing some other work like word processing or reading
documents off line, it is not slow.
This problem has nothing to do with the websites, as I don't have this
slow problems online with JAWS. I use a demo copy of JAWS.
Secondly, when I visit a website, or even some times when I launch a
web browser like internet explorer or firefox, I hear "internet
explorer unknown" or "firefox unknown" and the screen goes quiet, and
when I press the arrow down key, that is what I keep hearing. Some
times, when I am on a site, or trying to open a site, the screen
reader crashes, and disables the computer itself. I just have to shut
it down, and then restart it all over again.
Does anyone understand the problem I am having with my NVDA screen reader?
I use windows7 32 bit on a laptop.
I have the latest update of the screen reader.
Hope to read a helpful response.
I am Ibrahim.

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