A couple of questions

Ashleigh Malone

Hi All,

A couple of questions.

I’ve recently changed my work set-up to allow me to work remotely. I am primarily a Mac user, however am happily using NVDA with VMware Fusion. My questions relate mainly to setting up Capslock as an NVDA modifier key and making VMWare and windows generally work together. I have read extensively about this but am not having much joy. I feel sure this has been discussed extensively on this list and will do my own searching, but if anyone could post links to pertinent threads I’d be grateful.

My second issue is more confusing. I have a portable copy of NVDA that I have recently installed natively on my windows machine. I am having a great deal of trouble changing the layout from desktop to laptop, or modifying any of the other settings eg. Level of punctuation etc. I can successfully change settings using keyboard commands, however whilst in the preferences dialogue both the apply and okay buttons just hang and my only option is to esc the settings dialogue completely. I find it odd that it will honour actions achieved using keyboard commands but not in the settings dialogue itself. Any assistance greatly appreciated.


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