Re: Windows key plus M suddenly stopped working

Brad Snyder

Correct again.

- Brad -

On Feb 6, 2019, at 20:37, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

Just played with something I hadn't ever done before when using WinKey+D.

If you use WinKey+D to go to the desktop, and do not open any additional windows while you're there, it toggles you right back to your former arrangement before having used it.

If, however, you open any new window or windows, those supplant the arrangement as far as the windows go, and hitting WinKey+D toggles back to the Desktop and those newly opened windows.

So WinKey+D is a toggle back to the windows arrangement prior to your having gone to the desktop if and only if you do not open any additional windows while on the desktop.  Since that's probably what any one of us is going to the desktop for most of the time falling back to point and click or ALT+TAB afterward actually makes sense.

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