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and it depends on what type of video you want to edit.  My TV PVR uses the .ts video format, and some older video editors don't play nice with it, like avidemux for example. and some free video editors like virtual dub are incompatible with the format altogether, well, the last time I checked, it was.
You might get more milage from a program like video redo, I've checked it out, and it seems to work quite well with NVDA, but I haven't fully tested it though.

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It depends on exactly what kind of editing you want to do.  If you just want to do simply cutting out of sections you messed up, Machete works well:

There is a free "lite" version, or a paid version (with demo) which has a few extra features such as customising keystrokes).

All the functions (or at least all those I've used) have keystrokes.  I just went looking and although they don't have a handy list of default keystrokes, you can access most features from the menu, and the keystroke for each command is listed with it.

Avidemux is another one I have found with lots of keystrokes.  This one is free:  Again they don't have a list of keystrokes but again you can access features from the menu which lists the keystrokes.

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Is it even possible to edit a video with NVDA?  Has anyone tried any
applications?  AVS Video Editor does not work.


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