Re: Is NVDA Really Dying?

Kevin Cussick

Hi, I am one of these 10 minutes users. but I am not saying anything bad as I have to sit down and learn like I did with nvda. but what I have seen so far in this insider build is looking good and it seems to get better each time windows is updated no keep it up micro soft.

On 07/02/2019 08:39, Steve Nutt wrote:
Hi David,
The people that make blanket statements like that, have probably only used Narrator for ten minutes.
All the best
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Is NVDA Really Dying?
In 1809, I am using Narrator to do the following tasks!
One: Do everything with MS Edge and Chrome!
Two: I do everything in the mail app with Narrator!
Three: I use Narrator with Waterfox to have it describe pictures on Facebook to me,
I use Narrator with the following Windows apps:
The news app, The twitter app, The weather app, The calculator, and more.
Narrator is so fast in Edge, that I have the best browsing experience.
In scan mode, I can use all of the navigation short cut keys that are in NVDA or JAWS.
Narrator works in Google Docs and Google Drive in MS Edge without a hitch.
This is just some of what I do with Narrator in Windows 1809, and with the latest insider build.
What you said about Narrator is completely untrue, and I can send you a video and you can hear what I do with Narrator with your own ears.
MS Edge and Narrator, is probably the best Internet experience I have.
Close to that, is Narrator in Chrome!
I am using Narrator more than JAWS now.
Take care, and please say what you have tried to do with Narrator without making a blanket statement like that without even knowing what you are talking about.
Read the Narrator guide, and if you have Windows 10 1809 build, you would not say what you did if you really tried to use Narrator.
David Moore
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Narrator while better than what it was, really still feels like an afterthought. I mean, Microsoft has had ample opportunity to really develop a screen reader. Be it when they partnered with Window Eyes for like 5 minutes or only until recently paying more attention to Narrator itself.
Not to mention the fact that if they wanted to, they could've bought Window Eyes outright or Vispero at any time for that matter.
Not really bashing MS even. More like I'll believe Narrator to be a viable screen reading option when it actually becomes one. Right now, outside of perhaps getting a machine up and running out of the box or maybe to try to get out of the odd situation where your main screen reader craps out on you, it's not much more than that.
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Maybe someday narrator will be a great screen reader. I too hope NVDA is around for many more years.
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You know that everything has a life span. I hope NVDA still has a lot of years ahead of itself but maybe just maybe Narrator will become a great screen reader and there will be no need for NVDA or Jaws or any other screen reader.
Right now NVDA is my screen reader of choice with Jaws being my backup that I very seldom use.

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