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Ivan pivac

Hi Christopher,

Many thanks for your suggestion.  Yes, I have the Baum USB driver for the BrailleConnect then a supervario driver was released which worked fine too.  I haven't yet found an up-to-date driver as I believe the one I have is 2009 and Windows has moved along since then.  As Baum aren't no longer producing these displays, I don't know if Humanware are continuing to upgrade the drivers.   




On 8/02/2019 9:28 AM, Christopher Kchao wrote:
Have you tried looking into whether or not there is a driver specifically for the Vario Connect? As I understand it, the Humanware BrailleConnect and the Baum Vario Connect are identical units.

On Wed, Feb 6, 2019 at 10:17 PM Ivan pivac <ivan@...> wrote:
Hi list members,

I have been using a BrailleConnect from Humanware using the Baum USB
supervario deriver and NVDA for several years quite successfully.  With
the new release of NVDA, the braille display for some reason has stopped

Previously, NVDA had the BrailleConnect as one of its braille displays. 
In the latest release of NVDA, there is an automatic detection option
under the Braille setting but it fails to detect my display.  I also
have brltty as an option which, in the past, also drove the display but
no longer.  When I choose the brltty option, I receive the error message
that brltty cannot be installed.  Interestingly, even though the
supervario USB driver from Baum has been installed, there is no mention
of it under the Windows driver folder.  Despite the fact that the
BrailleConnect appears under ports in the device manager in the control
panel, I receive the message that no briver has been installed.  The
braille display is set for USB not bluetooth and it is functioning as
normal and I am using Windows 10 Pro.  I would appreciate receiving
comments from list members as to what might be the problem.

Many thanks



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