Re: Can't move between cells in Excel

Howard Traxler <howard@...>

I had exactly that same problem a few days ago.  It went away by itself when I rebooted windows and excel or maybe when I restarted NVDA.  But I'm using an older version of excel; from office 2003.

On 2/7/2019 4:07 PM, James Scholes wrote:
Hi all,

Using latest alpha build of NVDA, Excel 2010, Win 7 Pro.  I can't move between the cells of an Excel sheet using the arrow keys. When I use up, down, left and right, the value of the currently-focused cell is just read out again and the focus doesn't move.

I remember having this issue before, but can't remember how it was fixed.  I've tried NVDA without add-ons and with default settings, didn't make a difference.  Nor did running the COM registration fixing tool.

Any suggestions greatfully received.


James Scholes

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