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Nothing you say supports the low RAM theory.  It contradicts it.  Why would JAWS work well with the browsers and not NVDA?  Assumedly, you have 32bit Windows.  If you didn't, you would need more than 2GB of RAM and you would be having a lot more performance issues.  You haven't even checked to see how much memory is being used and how much is free when your browser and screen-reader are running and you are working in the browser. 
There is a mistique about memory.  it gets blamed for things that often have nothing to do with it. 
If I'm wrong and you are running 64 bit Windows, you should get more memory.  I doubt you are.  And browsers don't use a lot of memory and as I said, since JAWS works properly with the browsers. that is very strong evidence that memory isn't the problem.

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Hello again:
I thank all those who found time to respond to my issue.
Brian, My GBRam is a low grid.  It is just 2GB.  But even with that I
don't have this problem with JAWS.  But as I said yesterday, chrome
appears to be reasonably fine with the screen reader, although firefox
and internet explorer are almost unusable.
I am thinking of increasing my GB ram with an SDCard.

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> Well I'd not go that far but it is faster on lower spec machines,
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> Use Chrome, it is better than either Firefox or Internet Explorer.
> All the best
> Steve
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> Hello:
> I am having problems with my NVDA screen reader.
> The screen reader is just too slow when I am browsing the internet.
> When I am doing some other work like word processing or reading documents
> off line, it is not slow.
> This problem has nothing to do with the websites, as I don't have this slow
> problems online with JAWS.  I use a demo copy of JAWS.
> Secondly, when I visit a website, or even some times when I launch a web
> browser like internet explorer or firefox, I hear "internet explorer
> unknown" or "firefox unknown" and the screen goes quiet, and when I press
> the arrow down key, that is what I keep hearing.  Some times, when I am on a
> site, or trying to open a site, the screen reader crashes, and disables the
> computer itself.  I just have to shut it down, and then restart it all over
> again.
> Does anyone understand the problem I am having with my NVDA screen reader?
> I use windows7 32 bit on a laptop.
> I have the latest update of the screen reader.
> Hope to read a helpful response.
> I am Ibrahim.

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