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If you know you are in a search box but not sure you can arrow up or down to confirm you are in a search box. you will usually hear something like search button just after the editable box.

if you are not sure which mode if any you can use the nvda key + the space bar to change from say browse mode to focus mode or back the other way.

On the machine I have hear I like hearing which mode it is in like in browse mode where I can use the single letter navigation keys or in focus mode where I can type in stuff like in the search box.

The other choice is to hear sounds you can try out the 2 different modes by going to the browse settings section in NVDA.

To quickly get to the browse mode section in NVDA use the nvda key + CTRL key + the letter B then tab until you hear NVDA say Audio indication of focus and browse modes

If the box is checked you will hear the sounds and if unchecked you will hear it spoken.

In some cases after you do a search to quickly get to the search results, most will be under a heading called search results. You can use the letter H in browse mode to do this, but usually done better from the top of the page.
I mean as in jump down by heading with NVDA.

hopefully this helps.

Gene nz

Gene nz

On 17/06/2016 3:22 PM, Semirhage wrote:
So like if I am on a site to buy something and want to do a product search, like do they have so and so item, and it appears I'm in the search box typing and it doesn't want to take. Is the site just not blind friendly or is there an NVDA command I need to be using? Sorry if I sound stupid. I've only had time to mainly use NVDA for emails and don't really have to use commands for that so now having to learn the other stuff. This may be the site issue and nothing to do with NVDA but in case I am wrong I thought to ask.
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