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Hello Chantelle

OK.  Thank you.  I don't want to ask you too many questions, so I will
limit myself to one question a day.  I'm sure you've got other things to
do instead of all this good advice for Movie Maker.  So, for today I
tried adding a title and credit using the menu options in tools.  I can
not  find out how to read back what I have set as a title when I close
the project and open it up again.  Any ideas or is this beyond the
skills of NVDA?


On 08/02/2019 08:10, Chantelle Buys wrote:

Yes, when you split the video into lets say, ten split videos, you
should have ten clips on the timeline. Just use the arrow kays to go
to each clip or if you know that it was the video after the second
split, you can go to the second video and press space to hear if it's
the one you are looking for and if it is, just press delete.

I always make double sure that it is the clip I want to delete and
then I'll hit delete.

You can also use undo like you would have done in word and the clip
will come back again or if you don't like the effect you have just put
in, you can use undo there as well.


On 2/7/19, AKH AKH <tvz@...> wrote:
Hi Chantelle

Thanks so much, that works.  Now you say in your example, go back to
where the dog is barking and delete.  How do you go back to the barking
part?  Do I have to play the video from the start or can I jump from
split to split?

Best wishes


On 07/02/2019 16:05, Chantelle Buys wrote:
Okay, here's what you do. If it's a long video, you'll have to listen
to the video and split it every 30/40 counts by pressing the spacebar
to stop the video and then pressing the applications key. There you'll
find the split option, entre on that. Do this throughout your video.
Then you can go back to the video where the part is that you want to
get rid of and split it again.

So, lets say you have a video of a dog running and the dog barks
without warning. You don't want that right?

So, after the barking the dog is still running. You just want the
video without the barking.

Play the video again and cause you might know after how many seconds
the dog will bark, you can stop the video just before the dog barks.
Split it, let the dog bark and split again. Then you can go back to
the bark part and press delete.

There you go, your dog is just running and there's no barking.

To be safe, you can add a cross fade or fade out and in from either
black or white to let people think that the dog was running for a long
time or that it is a new video.

Hope it helps.


On 2/7/19, AKH AKH <tvz@...> wrote:
Hi Chantelle

Great advice, thanks.  My next challenge is to take out a few seconds of
video clip from the middle of a longer video.  It seems that people who
can see set some kind of marker at the start and end of the section they
want to cut out.  I have tried using trim, but this cuts the video
before and after the bit I want to cut and when I press cut command from
the edit menu I am left with only the bit I do not want and the video
parts I do want is deleted.


On 07/02/2019 12:47, Chantelle Buys wrote:

In movie maker you have to go to video tools and tab until you get to
speed. There you can speed up the video. I've tested it and it does
work there.


On 2/7/19, Chantelle Buys <cbuys6@...> wrote:

Movie maker doesn't work as it use to but, wow, I've forgotten about
that effect.

Let me try to speed up a video I have and see if mine works?


On 2/7/19, AKH AKH <tvz@...> wrote:
I'm using NVDA and Windows 10 and I'm trying to apply an effect to my
video.  How can I do this with keyboard commands.  I get to the
list and choose 'speed up video' but I can't get it to work.


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