Re: NVDA, JAWS, compared to Narrator

Steve Nutt

What version of JAWS do you have and what Windows 10 apps doesn’t it work with?


I find JAWS works with Windows 10 apps better than NVDA.


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This is a great question, and I can give you some good information!

I use Narrator more than I do JAWS, and 60 percent as much as NVDA.

Of course, this is using Windows 10 1809 build, and Narrator is even a little better in the insider builds relating to the next build, 1903.

Here is just a little of what I use Narrator for.


I do everything on the Internet with Narrator using Chrome and MS Edge browsers.


I use Narrator to do everything with my emails in the Windows 10 Mail app!


I use Narrator with the following Windows 10 apps:

The News app, Twitter app, The weather app, the Skype app, Mail, Calendar, and People apps.

I write tutorials with Narrator using Notepad and Google docs using Waterfox.

Narrator also works well with Waterfox browser.

I use Narrator to navigate all of Windows 10 including the settings app, start menu, control panel, and much more.

I use Narrator a lot, to get NVDA and JAWS to start again.

Sometimes, JAWS and NVDA lock up, and Narrator gets me out of a lot of jams.

I have used Narrator twice, to reset both of my laptops to factory defaults.

Narrator is a pretty good screen reader, now, I believe.

I would put NVDA first, then Narrator, then unbelievably, JAWS third.

I only use JAWS for a couple of tasks. JAWS does not work with hardly any of the Windows 10 apps, but Narrator does.

I hope that helps you do your presentation.

Email me off list if you need anymore help!

David Moore


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  I think that's bring war


thank you for much

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Chris Shook 2019/2/8 上午 11:04 寫道:

> Hi,

> How is windows narrator compared to JAWS and NVDA?

> I realize I'm opening up a can of worms, but I need the information

> for a presentation.

> Chris






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