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Paper Braille takes a lot of room so for that reason and also, I suspect, to speed up reading, there are lots of contractions for words and letters.  There is a sign for the word "the," a sign for the word "and," the contraction for the word but is the letter b, as examples.  There is an e r sign an a r sign, and an I n g sign, for examples of contractions of letter combinations.
Once you learn the alphabet, you can write all words in Braille just as you can write all words in print. I am discussing English that doesn't have accented letters.  But depending on how you want to use Braille, you may well want to learn the contractions.

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Thank you guys for your encouragement! I would definitely initiate learning Braille as soon as possible. As many of you have suggested, even if I don't become proficient enough to read books, I would definitely be able to read notes and make presentations more efficiently. Also, I would like to clarify, many of you talked about contracted Braille. Is that similar to learning short hand for the sighted people?

Once again, thank you all for your feedback and support.

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