Re: Is NVDA Really Dying?


i ment that i hate narrator of windows xp (i mean the voice of
microsoft sam and its aweful quality.
i did not talk about my idea about narrator of windows ten which i
never heard it voice and its quality in using and reading english
if someone can help me to record one sample text with different voices
of windows ten or eight, please email me off list.

On 2/8/19, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
On Thu, Feb 7, 2019 at 10:49 PM, zahra wrote:

i really hate narrator.
do you remember narrator of windows xp which i use?
Which has absolutely, positively nothing to do with Narrator as implemented
today. Just as the Windows Defender that's on XP has absolutely nothing to
do with the Windows Defender, now Windows Security as of Version 1809, on
Windows 10 today.

I have come to accept that, for whatever reason, you are clinging to XP like
it's God's gift to mankind. What I cannot accept is making any comments
about any software that happens to share the same name, but nothing else,
with the long unsupported Windows XP and it's components.

Talking about these as if they are even similar is senseless.


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