Re: Microsoft's Own Security Chief Says: STOP using Internet Explorer


Clarissa, you may not need to use the current implementation of Edge much anyway as Microsoft will be adapting their web browser shortly to something different, with more Chromium based features.

As for using IE, I won't get rid of it as I do find the occasional site that works best on it, even now. Waterfox, Firefox, then Chrome, have become my main browsers in that order. Usually one of those gets done what I want except for that 2% of the time when IE still works best.


On 2/8/2019 6:09 PM, Clarissa Mitchell wrote:
I hardly use IE anymore at all. For me, it's either Chrome or Firefox.
There were one or two site-specific functions I still had to use IE
for because of one thing or another, but I'm going to find a way to
access those sites with Chrome, which is my main browser. I'm still
working on that. I haven't used IE as my main browser in ages. I don't
understand why people are even still using that browser; it's outdated
and, at least on my more recent computers, slow as a snail! To me,
there's really not that much difference in using one of the other
browsers, from a screen reader standpoint anyway. You can still use a
lot of the same navigation commands. I don't know about Edge; I
haven't used it much, but as far as I can tell, Chrome and Firefox
work great with NVDA.

On 2/8/19, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
Article that came out today in The Telegraph newspaper in the UK:

Stop using Internet Explorer, warns Microsoft's own security chief

If that doesn't convince people that the shelf life of IE is now expired,
nothing will.

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