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Hi, There is a new version of Dropbox around 66.x. On my windows 7 machine it starts with an invisible full screen window. Now I have another program a calendar reminder that also is designed to be full screen at start up within a week of the appointment.
The thing is that although the calendar iinfo is read, I was puzzled by not being able to minimize or close it as per usual. It then transpired that if I pressed enter on the winwow, instead of Calendar being in focus, it opened the drop box menu you would normally get in the tray instead.

I want to ask if anyone else has found this behaviour and if they have found a way to stop it. I do suspect that the invisible frame is yet another advert for paid services, but since I cannot read anything your guess is as good as mine. Obviously on can open the menu, then dismiss it and things then go back to normal. I'm loathe to hid the dropbox tray item as I used to do with the old intel one which had a similar odd behaviour, since I like to know what is going on in the folders.

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