Re: Microsoft's Own Security Chief Says: STOP using Internet Explorer

Jason White

Modern browsers are much more carefully designed to be secure (for example, with the multi-process architecture of chrome).

So far as I can recall, Internet Explorer has always had a reputation for security vulnerabilities. It also does not support modern Web standards - another reason why the web is moving on, leaving IE behind.

Needless to say, I don't use Internet Explorer. When I'm on Windows, it's mostly Chrome at the moment.

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That is though mainly because they have not bothered to actually bring it up to date. They want everyone to get Windows 10 and use Edge.
On the other hand a lot of theĀ  things in IE have been clunky for some time, so most people I know use Firefox, Water-fox or Chrome most of the time.

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Article that came out today in The Telegraph newspaper in the UK:

Stop using Internet Explorer, warns Microsoft's own security chief ( )

If that doesn't convince people that the shelf life of IE is now expired, nothing will.

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