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/The links you sent were helpful.  You can criticize  me for not knowing certain things but just wait till you get to be my age.  You’ll understand then.  I’m not used to using web wide search engines to find information about a specific program.  Apparently it works better than searching within the program’s own help system. 


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On Sat, Feb 9, 2019 at 01:55 PM, JM Casey wrote:

Not only is it not an “easter egg”, but it’s one of the choices right there in the menu bar that’s at the top of the screen in every version of the programme.

I may have turned it off, but I no longer have the Bookmarks toolbar on either Firefox or Chrome because I find them a waste of space.

It is, however, a given that any web browser has a bookmarking mechanism, and with the exception of IE (and maybe Edge) every one of them uses the terminology, bookmarks.

I am sighted, and I've been using web browsers since they first came into existence, and I have no recollection about how I came to know about favorites/bookmarks at this juncture.  But once I knew they were a standard feature of any web browser, a quick web search on the browser name and the word "bookmarks" returns more documentation on how to use them for that browser than you will ever be able to plow through (or would want to).  For example:





and so on and so on and so on.

I'm sorry, but anyone who has been using the internet for decades, regardless of whether they can see or not, should know how to do a simple web search for information this basic (and significantly less basic).   This is an essential skill that I cannot fathom anyone who browses the web not having learned how to do, and early.

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