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I really doubt NVDA will die anytime soon. There many blind people around the world that cannot afford to buy Jaws and pay for the updates. As for Narrator, the hardware requirements for Windows 10 will make the computer very expensive to acquire for many blind people. This said, NVDA, in spite of its sputtering and silences at times which happens, from what I observe, when a windows major update is push through, is still a very reliable screen reader and allows me to accomplish all the tasks I need on Excel, MS Word, Outlook 2013 Professional, navigate the net, access my bank accounts and so on. I am also grateful to the members of this list that have been very kind and helpful when I run into glitches. I tried to get familiar with Narrator, but thus far, I haven’t much luck and did not dedicate the necessary time to do it since I am fairly satisfied with what NVDA allows me to accomplish.
Let us all make the effort to donate a bit more so the NVDA team can continue making NVDA a reliable available tool for many thousands of blind persons who cannot afford the other alternatives.

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So, I suppose the next question is: Is the "NVDA Really Dying thread really dying?

On 2/8/2019 5:07 PM, Chris Shook wrote:
Back in the old days, threads like this would be how legends got started.
Now adays
, it just starts unpleasant rumors.
In my opinion, we'll probably get ample warning when they start
phasing out screen readers.
Now, I think I'm going to try this mute thread thing Talk to you'll

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