Re: Microsoft's Own Security Chief Says: STOP using Internet Explorer

Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 05:56 AM 2/9/2019, Clare Page wrote:
Firefox certainly works well with NVDA, I've used it 99.9% of the time
for several years now: I switched to it when I had a faulty version of
Internet Explorer, and haven't looked back. I haven't even opened IE
for years: I have Google Chrome as a backup web browser, although I
don't use it very much, but it's worked well with NVDA on the rare
occasions I've used it. Good to still have a choice, even on Windows 7
which I still have, now that IE is dying!
Havingg tried out Firefox,, Chrome, Edge and even Opera, I find myself returning to good old IE because off two important factors for me: favorites organization and system sounds. IE is they only browser I've found where I can assign sounds to all sorts of navigation functions, most importantly, link activation, page loads and f previous/next page movement.. In terms of favorites, Chrome doesn't even allow you to edit the bookmark name, let alone store it in a directory, although it does maintain Internet Explorer directory structures during importation.
FFor the life of me, I can't figure out how to access Chromes notification; I've tried alt+shift+A and alt+A, but neither actually speak the notification area to activate it. Chrome doesn't have as many settings as Internet Explorerr, such as when history is cleared,, and whether SSL is used.
Moreover, I say all this with the caveat that I am far from perfect and may not have discovered features in Chrome or Firefox that I could use effectively. If anyone knows how to edit favorite names, store them in directories and assign system sounds to browser navigations in Chrome, Firefox or Edge, please do enlighten me.
ManBut till then, although I'll always experiment with other browsers, Internet Explorer remains my reliable default.

Orlando Enrique Fiol
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University of Pennsylvania
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